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Ariete 12992 Lepidlo na Gripy a Rukojeti

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Ariete 12992 Lepidlo na Gripy a Rukojeti

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Ariete 12992 Lepidlo na Gripy a Rukojeti

Ariete Lepidlo na rukojeti

Kód zboží: 12992

Výrobce: Ariete

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243,80 Kč bez DPH
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Ariete 12992 Lepidlo na rukojeti a Gripy na motorku

-Dries in 30 to 90 seconds
-High viscosity
-Read and follow pack instructions carefully

1- clean and dry handlebar, throttle pipe and inside grips.
2- if throttle pipe is damaged, replace it. Cover any openings to avoid gluing pipe to handlebar.
3- apply beads of ARIETE SUPER-FAST GLUE to outside of throttle pipe, left end of handlebar and inner end of grips.
4- align the grip in the correct position and quickly slide it on.
5- clean off all excess glue at inner face of grip flange.
6- before operating the vehicle, check that the throttle twist-grip moves freely. Fully open the throttle by turning the grip towards you, and then release it. The twist-grip should turn freely, and return to its normal closed-throttle position.